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At Leroi Brashears, Inc., we listen to you. You tell us where you want to go, what you want to achieve, what you want to sell, what you want people to think. We’ll design a plan. We’ll carry the plan out.  We’ll turn what you want into your reality.


I believe depth of experience and the understanding it brings is very important. I’ve been a salesman and a sales manager. I know what it’s like to dial and smile and make cold calls and cultivate prospects. Maybe that’s where my passion for helping clients hit their numbers or objectives—whatever they are—comes from.

I’ve been fortunate to have direct experience in television and audio production, so I know how to make it work for you if you need it. Being around reporters and editors when I was running political campaigns or launching new products in the financial services industry or managing a public affairs team immersed me in how to get effective media relations done very quickly—and on message.

I am a very good “connector.” I find the perfect match of graphics people and photographers—the very best people for your particular goals—to bring in your results.




Bringing my team in to handle your marketing means you’ll get a turnkey result. We’ll establish your branding and create all the required collaterals, including graphics and packaging. We plan your product launch and take every step required with you to bring you the sales and market share you need.


My team does “WIT”—(W)hatever (I)t (T)akes.  Communications is sometimes finding or creating the right internal or external process. Process is critical if, for example, you have an independent external distribution system you depend on. We’ll audit your current method and find where improvements could be made in the process.  Maybe you need a product manual, a quarterly newsletter or a catalog. “WIT” always works! 

Project Management

If you have projects or events that require management, use our team to carry out planning and execution. We may suggest projects and events to bring you the business results you need and when we do, rest assured that we can manage the projects for you, beginning to end. 

Public Relations

Public relations is reputation management. The difference between what it costs you to make your product and what you can sell it for is the value of your reputation. We can create and carry out a long term reputation management plan for you. But if you need a one-off press release and old-fashioned earned media story pitching, we’ll deliver your desired results there as well.

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